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Wines for Christ the King

You will get one of each of the bottles below -- 6 whites and 6 reds. Christ the King will get 20% of every case sold.
* Tavo Pinot Grigio, Italy -- beautifully intense bouquet of white fruit and golden apples; very gentle acidity.
* Medimer Viognier, France -- rich, aromatic, and refreshing, with light acidity and bright stone fruit.
* Chateau Maison Neuve Sauvignon Blanc, France -- dry and full-bodied, its finish is long and mellow with just a hint of citrus; it's grassy and bright with a crisp finish.
* Lenz Moser Gruner Veltliner, Austria -- medium golden yellow color; bright, fruity and minerally aromas and flavors of key limes, loess, well water, and lemon pepper with a lively, dryish, medium-full body and a peppery, amusing, breezy finish with firm, earthy tannins and no oak.
* Matchbook Chardonnay, California -- using a combo of old and new barrels, Matchbook created a balance of ripe tropical fruit and rich, buttery undertones
* L.A. Cetto Chenin Blanc, Mexico -- medium-bodied with flavors of pineapple, guava, and wildflower honey.
* Andre Goichot Bourgogne Pinot Noir, France -- soft and elegant with a nice backbone; lovely notes of red cherry, subtle earth, and a touch of spice.
* Chateau Allegret Bordeaux Blend, France -- ripe raspberries, black tea, nutmeg, cinnamon, and a touch of earth; nice big tannins that will surprise you for the price. Great with steak!
* Giacomo Mori Chianti, Italy -- purple in color with a nose of black cherries; medium-bodied, sweet and clean; classic Chianti!
* Boyal Cabernet Sauvignon, Spain -- This is the perfect combination of easy-drinking and full-bodied. The grapes are organically farmed and it's vegan-friendly
* Isabela Malbec, Argentina -- enticing aromas of blackberries, plums, orange peel, and violets intertwined with a bouquet of vanilla and cream.
* Lander Jenkins Pinot Noir, California -- high-value Pinot! Aromas of dark cherry, plum and herbs; elegant fruit and balanced acidity on the palate with a generous finish.

Pickup Date

You can pick up your case of wine at Marczyk Fine Wines, 17th & Clarkson. We'll have it all ready for you.